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18 setembro 2020

Look suggestions

Have you noticed how difficult it is to find time to shop? And when we find it, what happens? We came across crowded malls, few parking spaces and long queues at the fitting room.
That's why I always shop at Berrylook and have separated two clothes that every woman should have.
Whether in winter or on cooler days, the sweater is an indispensable piece, because, in addition to heating up, it is classic and full of charm. There are several types of jackets that can be classified as a sweater, either varying in style or fabric. "Knitted, crocheted or wool, they are long-sleeved and serve to protect you from the cold."
The styles of sweaters can vary from open with buttons, to closed and with different collars. The open sweater is ideal for not so cold days, and can be used with skirt and dress. A great tip is to use a belt on top to help define the silhouette. The closed models may vary according to the type of collar. The V-neck is the most classic, but there are also sweaters with bald collar and high collar, in the shape of a jacket and the famous pullovers.
Because it has such a variety of models, the sweater matches all styles and any type of clothing. “Tighter, V-neck versions look great with shirts.

5 different ways to wear a cute sweater!

*With Jeans. One of the most classic combinations, the mix of jeans with sweater is perfect for any time of the day! ...

*With Skirt. The sweater is a more relaxed piece, but if you want to give your production a more romantic look, the combination with the skirt is for you! ...
*With Shorts. ...

*Like / with Dress. ...

*With Overlap.

If there's one thing that practically doesn't go out of style, it's cheap dresses. He can be romantic, sensual, behaved, black, white, colorful ... It doesn't matter: this piece is practically key in any wardrobe!
In winter, it is worth betting on the versions with long, lacy sleeves, chic.
The dress is a piece that every woman loves! It avoids the fatigue of choosing combinations of skirts and blouses, colors and fabrics. The long sleeve, then, is even more practical, as it does not even need overlapping on colder days. It is perfect for several occasions, especially in more formal events, and can be used in several ways: long, short, long sleeve, medium sleeve, not to mention the multitude of fabrics!
To adopt this dress, you don't need many rules. As it is a timeless piece, it is only necessary to be attentive to the colors and fabrics that are high in the mid season.
Did you like the pieces? Then, run to Berrylook. You find wonderful clothes and the best price is super affordable, do not waste time ...

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  1. Apesar do pouco inverno aqui em minha cidade,onde tivemos muitos dias quentes,os suéteres estão incríveis,.sempre gosto de cores mais discretas.Mas todos os modelos está repletos de elegancia,amei

  2. Adoro posts assim com sugestões de looks, A Berrylook tem peças lindas e super estilosas.

  3. Adorei os looks, principalmente os vestidos!

  4. Se tem uma coisa que eu amo sao looks de inverno, eu amo inverno.
    Adorei esses looks

  5. Eu amo o inverno e adoro os look de inverno, acho que todos ficam chis. Adorei seu post

  6. Amei as sugestões, o look vermelho xadrez é lindo!

  7. Looks lindos, amo essas lojas gringas pq o preço são bem acessíveis

  8. Amei o vestido vermelho xadrez, uma graça.
    Gosto dessa loja, tenho duas peças de lá.

  9. Os looks são belíssimo , ainda não visitei a loja ,mais não vou resistir .