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02 agosto 2021

Allaboutsuit costumes

Men's clothing is usually the evening gown worn by graduates and guests at traditional celebrations.
Men can also benefit from different colors and designs. Of course, when in doubt, traditional black is always the best choice to avoid mistakes. But who knows, is it time for a change?
How about enjoying and understanding a little about the costumes? In allaboutsuit you will find the best outfits.

One of the more formal outfits is the Black Tie, which includes a black tuxedo, white shirt, bow tie, vest and dress shoes. It's a very formal and sophisticated look that trainees wear more than guests.
It is noteworthy that this prom suit may have some modifications, such as not wearing a vest. However, this is a completely formal attire, suitable for this occasion.

The complete attire is formal, in this look, the following combinations were used: jacket, shirt, tie, dress pants and shoes. The entire tour is very suitable for boys and men invited to attend the graduation ceremony or dances, but can also be used by graduates.

The main types of wedding suits vary a lot, there are the traditional ones that are characterized by comfort and elegance. Where the jacket is cut straight, the pants are loose and the sleeves too. Another detail is the size of the lapel, which is wider than in other suits.
Another option is a slim suit that fits snugly. Unlike traditional suits, it is characterized by thin lapels, a well-defined waist and pants that fall slightly without too much slack. It is one of the most preferred styles for men.

No black shoes with navy blue socks. If the shoes are black, also wear black socks to keep everything fit and flawless. Another tip that modern brides like is to wear shoes without socks. It looks super stylish! But be careful! If your suit is too thin, you can wear it without socks. But if the wedding ceremony is very casual, you can go without socks. But never in a classic wedding, it requires classic production, and don't forget the belt must be the same color as the shoes.

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  1. Lindos os looks masculino, são looks bastante elegantes e estilosos, ótimo para ocasiões especiais, bjs.

  2. Oi, tudo bem? Terno deixa o homem bem elegante, ainda mais quando são feitos sob medida. Gosto do risca de giz, são tão modernos. Amei as opções que você trouxe. Um abraço, Érika =^.^=

  3. Para noivos e para festas são looks incríveis e super estilosos
    Gostei, muito legal,
    Um abraço, Alécia do Blog Arrojada Mix
    Blog ArroJada Mix

  4. Amei cada um dos looks mais lindo que o outro.

  5. Na minha opinião homens bem vestido são tudo de bom, eu amei os looks!

  6. Adoro ver homens bem vestido, esses looks são super elegantes.

  7. esse site é top demais
    tem muitas opções lindas para o maridao namorado
    ja mostrei aqui em casa