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03 junho 2021

Best wedding dress

One of the most important moments in a wedding is choosing a dress. No matter how firm, stylish, simple or relaxed the bride is, there is no way out: she will be nervous before choosing the perfect model. The AW Bridal store has beautiful models in the most diverse styles.
The wedding dress should be your preference. That is, first of all, you have to cater to your personal taste, neckline, details and styles can be omitted, they are not used ​​every day, ok?
But there are also some issues to consider, such as comfort and well-being.
Therefore, you can delete some templates.

Finding the perfect wedding dress requires patience. Well, it's useless to think that you just need to put on your engagement ring and get married. Finding the ideal dress also includes planning.
Don't prioritize models that are too far-fetched. Even if you think a Hollywood actress's wedding dress is great, it might not be your best choice.
Inspiration and reference are important, but they shouldn't override your personal style, don't forget. Cocomelody  is great too  options.

Fabrics most used in wedding dresses

Crepe: opaque and not at all transparent, the fabric is mainly used in the production of pieces where the cut extends fluidly and naturally. With crepe it is also possible to create adjustment effects with pleats on the hem or along the skirt.

Tulle: The fabric is ideal for princess or mermaid dresses. Looking like a small screen, the texture is light and fine, often used in the production of skirts. Tulle is ideal for creating volume effects in wedding dresses.

Chiffon: light, thin and a little transparent, chiffon brings a great fit to the pieces. Ideal for flowing and loose dresses, the fabric allows you to create incredible layers and overlaps without leaving heavy modeling.

From the simplest to the most traditional, brides never give up their own style. For your wedding to be unforgettable. Can you already imagine your perfect dress? At David's Bridal you can find wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, accessories, gifts and decoration...

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