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19 janeiro 2021

The best women's shoes

Shoe is one of the fashion accessories that women love the most. For us choosing shoes can often be a big dilemma, shoes are key pieces.
I selected here some models of shoes that women like most. Check out some tips to match each occasion.

The best women's shoes


The pump is a high-heeled shoe that can come in other options with half paw, peep toe, among others. It distinguishes itself from the pumps because it is more organized, offers greater comfort and has a more rounded or slightly square beak. It is ideal for party situations, the pump in discrete versions can even be used for work.He is certainly a kind of scarpin substitute, but with a platform.

Ankle boot

It is an ankle boot that is ideal for winter wear. Can be used with pantyhose and skirt or shorts. You can create looks with a long skirt as well. It's a great option for you who like to keep your feet warm on cold days, but don't like long boots.

Flip Flops

This model is my favorite, the tip is to invest in footwear models, it looks beautiful in minimalist, elegant, stripped, romantic looks, etc. Keep an eye on the details of the sandal and get inspired.

Minimalist Sandals

The minimalist sandal commonly has a strap that goes around the toes, and another one around the ankle. Some models have thin straps, but there are some models with thicker straps, some are closed at the front, or even with several straps at the top. But what they all have in common is that they make the instep apparent.


In practice they are recognized as a classic for women, boots conquer women. They are perfect for both cold days and the freshest, they can be combined with various pieces of clothing and accessories. The height of the boot flats varies from knee height and even the most exaggerated, reaching almost to the end of the thighs!
The short boot is an eclectic item that matches any look. Therefore, it has the power to give a special charm to your basic look.
Create your style and choose your look with your favorite boot and start rocking!

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8 comentários:

  1. Cada modelo mais lindo que o outro. Amei os sapatos da loja!

  2. Fiquei apaixonada pelas sandálias, são lindas e parecem confortáveis.

  3. Amo sandálias,achei maravilhosas principalmente a Preta.

  4. Olá Joana,

    Amo essa diversidades de sapatos, pois cada um é perfeito para usar em cada ocasião. No dia a dia, amo uma sandália rasterinha, além das botas de cano curto, acho maravilhosas demais. Adorei o post e já conhecia a loja!


  5. Calçados incríveis, com certeza vou visitar o site!

  6. Eu adoro a diversidade de calçados. Mulher adora um calçado ne !?

  7. Olá, tudo bem? Adoro demais sapatos e o tanto de opções. Aliás, algo que amo comprar e ter mais. Ótima postagem <3

  8. Nossa, adorei tudo, principalmente a rasteirinha, elegante e delicada!