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16 abril 2019

Glasses Voogueme

Nowadays, it is possible to find aesthetically perfect glasses and cheap eyeglasses, since the pieces can be found in several places, and  the best degree prescription glasses online you can find in the voogueme.

 Many people choose sunglasses taking into account fashion trends, the most beautiful models that match their style I love the cat's eye glasses are beautiful, but the question that really needs to be observed is the quality of the lenses that each one offers.

Although the eyes have mechanisms to protect against UV rays, however, they may not be sufficient due to the intensity and time of exposure to which the person is exposed. "Sunglasses have as their primary purpose protection against ultraviolet radiation and other harmful wavelengths of light. They also block some of the brightness and ensure less aggression to the eyes, which prevents disease and provides more comfort and clarity "explains the specialist.

Although many people believe that the accessory should only be used in the summer, it is indispensable in the four seasons. "Ultraviolet radiation, which is the most damaging to the eye, and some wavelengths that can also detract from eye health are always present. The environment itself also reflects this radiation (through the windows, the sand, the water, the snow), directing it to our eyes. Therefore, the use of glasses is indicated during periods of higher incidence, even on cloudy or cold days ".

In addition to looking at the quality of the lens, you also need to choose a pair of glasses that fits perfectly to the face. "The ideal is to avoid models that go too far and that they have very small lenses because there should not be a large gap between the face and the frame, as well as the ultraviolet radiation entering the sides.

10 comentários:

  1. Fico olhando esses óculos "maravilhosos" enquanto o meu está implorando por outro. Preciso urgentemente trocar a minha armação.

  2. Que lindos, os modelos são sensacionais, muito elegantes e estilosos. Óculos de sol são acessórios realmente importantes, a proteção dos olhos aos raios uv é necessária.

  3. Amei a variação de cores dos óculos e as armações também estão super estilosas.

  4. que coisa mais linda, adoro esse estilo de óculos, já quero!

  5. Oi Joana, tudo bem?

    Eu amei demais esses modelos de óculos, eles estão simplesmente lindos e já fiquei querendo adquirir vários deles. O que mais faz meu estilo é o segundo no estilo gatinho, sou apaixonada neste modelo de óculos. Adorei o post!


  6. Eu amei os modelos, nossa estou apaixonada e desejando muito o roxo ♥
    Adorei o post!

  7. Achei lindos e bem diferentes os modelos de óculos, gostei muito das cores também.
    Pequenos Retalhos