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29 novembro 2021

Popopie looks for the family

Have you ever thought about making your daughter's look look like yours? To help you complete this task, we've prepared this post with combination tips that will inspire you and even help you choose a dress for your daughter and make you feel like a princess like a mother!
In addition to being fun, fashion Mommy and Me dresses can help you and your baby become closer and strengthen the relationship between you. When it first appeared in the United States a few years ago, this trend was seen in mothers and daughters as well as children dressed as dolls.
You and your kids can experience this trend in a number of ways and have fun on the go. The coolest thing is that it can be practiced by mothers and daughters of all ages on different occasions: from children's parties to outdoor walks or family shopping trips.

Floral print dresses give people a rustic and festive feel and are best suited for outdoor daytime activities. Not to mention that color printing brings movement and vitality to the composition.

The combined party look is nice. Your mom may overindulge in classic high-heeled styles and party fashions. Your daughter can still wear age-appropriate clothes, but with the same pattern or fabric as her clothes. The last charm is the little shoes, which can be the same color as yours.

Another tip is matching family clothes. Besides being cute, getting ready can be fun for parents and kids who like to look in the mirror and see that they're dressed for their parents.

The combination of looks can be done in different ways.Whether combining color palette, prints.
Although it seems difficult, it is not like this to dress the little ones like their parents, both possibilities are great.
In summer, this trend of "like mother, like daughter" looks even stronger.The whole family can have fun and wear bikinis, bikinis, shorts and bathing suits with the same print.Can you imagine how cute you and your daughter are wearing a neon bikini?
It does not stop there.Even at bedtime, mothers and fathers wear pajamas with the same prints as the little ones.
As a mother, how can you not be moved by the look that suits your daughter? It could be some kind of outfit, even matching bathing suits.
Even if they are different works, they have the same impression.They are also very successful. The models on the store's website brought me a lot of inspiration and I have to share those inspirations with you, share it with family and friends, the clothes are really glamorous!
Come check out Popopie's website and choose the look for you and your family, there are several options.Tell me, do you like matching looks? Did you like the looks?

5 comentários:

  1. Que gracinha esses looks, eu amei.
    Gostei que tem para os garotos também, na maioria das vezes é só mãe e filha.

  2. Que lindas as peças, simplesmente amei essa combinação de looks em família bjs.

  3. Essas combinações de mãe e filha são lindas demais...
    Eu acho super meigas e combinam com várias ocasiões
    Alécia, do Blog Arrojada Mix

  4. Acho tão bacana esses combinados, principalembte para essa.epoca do ano.

  5. Amei os looks combinando, tanto de menina com a mãe, quanto de menino com o pai.