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31 outubro 2020

Looks Prestarrs

When it comes to putting together your look, women's coats  there are several models of women's jackets and women's jackets that are ideal for every environment, whether formal or informal, and for every temperature. After all, a trench coat is too hot for mild hell and knitting is too thin for intense cold.

The blazer is kind of a joker coat, it combines with formal work environments, where the dress code calls for a complete social look and also, with informal environments, after all it is a piece that looks super stylish with jeans.

The parka is a coat with a military reference that has hit the streets thanks to the punk / rock style. Today, the women's parka is a versatile piece and perfect for lower temperatures. It allows productions for day or night, in addition to enhancing your wardrobe with an indispensable urban concept for those who enjoy being always well-dressed.

The doudoune coat is the famous gummy coat for the heavier cold, some models are suitable for snow and do not match the work environment, it is the type of coat that takes away your comfort, mobility and works to leave the house, arrive at work and take off. Therefore, it is used as a final layer in the overlay.
It is very important to know the basic clothes that allow the combination of the most varied looks. Of course, each of us has our own style, but some clothes are essential in a closet because they never go out of style. The important thing is to choose the base of the visual well. Designers recommend investing in basic clothes and clothes for cheap. This makes the clothes last longer and eliminates the problem of the closet full of things and nothing to wear.
Check out the list we have prepared with the clothes that can not be missing and prepare to be always in fashion.

"A white blouse can have a thousand identities". It is necessary to have a white blouse or shirt in the closet. With it you can assemble a multitude of combinations, since it matches any type of clothing. The main types are: slim-fit, regular fit and wide shirt, also known as oversize.
For the blouse to look good, it is important to choose the tone correctly. It should not be any lighter than tooth enamel and a brighter shade can match one person, but not necessarily another.

"You are never underdressed or dowdy in a black dress." It is difficult to think of a better investment than a black dress. It can be tight or wide, it depends on the body type, but the length should be just below the knee.
Classic variations are never outdated, so the dress can be kept for a long time. The same dress can change a lot depending on the accessories used. Opt for a cut without excess and quality.

A white T-shirt is a unique piece. It's like a blank board: you can draw the story you want.
The ideal is to have more than one in the closet, to be able to mix with more than one style. In addition to cotton, you can opt for linen. The secret is that it is always well washed. Here it is also important to use the same shade as your tooth.
Focused on the female audience, Prestarrs has been growing in recent years. Thanks to its variety of pieces and quality, the store has been arousing the interest of fashion bloggers across the country.
With a different proposal, the store, in addition to addressing the most common sectors such as lingerie and shoes. You will certainly find many interesting pieces in it.


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  1. Lindas as peças da loja os casacos são lindos e ótimos para o frio, e são bastante elegantes, gostei de tudo bjs.

  2. Amei as roupas e os casacos são muito lindos e estilosos... bjs e sucesso!

  3. Oiee florzinha! Quanto loook lindo...amei as jaquetas femininas!
    Paloma Viricio

  4. Adorei o corte e as cores das peças. São elegantes e de muito bom gosto. Ideal para pessoas cheias de estilo.

  5. Apaixonada nos looks dessa loja. Cada um mais lindo que o outro.

  6. as peças são super elegantes, adorei os casacos e ainda por cima acabou de chegar o tempo frio, ( acho que vou as compras:)!)