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05 agosto 2020

What are the most beautiful shirts of European times?

What are the most beautiful shirts of European times?Contrary to what happens in national football, a season of the times that started after July and lost until the following year. For a year, national and international championships draw the attention of football fans, who do not see the old continent in the barn of great players. stars from different countries. For those who like to watch the main European schedules, play in the Champions League, in the Europa League and in the main championships of the old continent, separate a selection with the best shirts of the European Times.


It is one of the biggest winners of all time in the Italian championship, the old lady wears Adidas for the fourth consecutive season.
Now with star Cristiano Ronaldo at the head of the attack, the main uniform has thick horizontal stripes in black and white. The change was in the reserve mantle, in the color sand. The third uniform has a predominant black and stripes, sponsor logos and fluorescent yellow team logo.


For this season, the current Champions League champion bet on simpler and minimalist robes, which stand out among the shirts of European teams.
The holder uniform keeps the predominant white color, with black details from Adidas and sponsor. The second uniform reverses, with black dominating the shirt and white details. The third is in red and has a great highlight being made with materials taken from the oceans, in partnership with the NGO Parley.

Inter Milan

The Italian team celebrated 20 years of partnership with Nike with the kit inspired by the first shirt made by the brand, in 98/99, and also in 2010/2011, the year in which the club won the Champions League and the Club World Cup. The vertical blue and black stripes have returned, with the gain of a graphics at the bottom of the blue bands, representing scales that refer to “Il Biscoine”, the great snake that is the team's mascot.


The holder uniform maintains its characteristic design, with a predominance of yellow and black details on the sleeves. On the chest, a V watermark represents the supplier's slogan for the team “The Pulse of Dortmund”.
The third uniform comes in red and has a watermark on the belly and chest. The curious part is that Borussia has also launched a shirt template just to compete in the Champions League and German Cup championships. In this case, it has a predominant yellow color, with a horizontal black streak across the chest and running through the sleeves.

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