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11 dezembro 2018

FashionMe store

Every time we have a super special occasion comes the doubt: "With what clothes will I go?". I'm like this and I'm breaking my head looking for models of dresses to keep me tidy.
Thinking about it, I gathered here today a plethora of models to inspire you, and you find them at the FashionMe store.
Bodycon Dresses 
The tube dress is undoubtedly one of the greatest classics of the modern wardrobe. Wearing women since the 60s.The tube dress is defined by its straight and simple cut, which makes a big difference in the look of who is wearing. Exactly for being straight and simpler, this type of dress helps to value the curves of who is using it. Whether the chubby ones, which value the bust or hip, leaving the belly hidden, even the women with shoulders broader than the hips, which gain the possibility of denoting much more torso and hip, the dress tube is an elegant outlet for a social event and can also be an excellent casual dress, depending a lot on the length and the print.
The skinny and slim-body ones can also choose the tube, but they must accompany it with a belt, so that it denote the hip and give a little more curves to the body, avoiding that feeling that the woman is wearing a "sack ".
Cheap women's outerwear 
More than a useful piece to warm the body, the women's coat is a fashion item that needs to match your style and leave you protected and beautiful at the same time.

Blazer: It is a single piece, most often tapered, with two buttons and different lengths. It can be worn with any combination from jeans to dresses.

Jackets : It has both the cut and the fabric similar to those of the blazers, but it is more modern, finishing just below the waistline.

waistcoat : It is a short coat, which can have straight or tapered cut. Can be used on more sporting or social occasions, it all depends on the fabric.
Having style is what makes a person unique, unique and differentiated. A person with style is the one who can select within what fashion proposes, what fits him well and will mark his personality.
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